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Shenzhen Linktosun Technology Limited. was founded in 2010, the predecessor of the lithium material, E-bike battery, and the core production-based manufacturers, after nearly seven years of development, has developed into a product design and development, battery solutions and electronic circuit program Design, battery production and quality control, sales in one of the high-tech Co., Ltd., and become the battery industry's leading enterprises.


We provide idea, design, solution, manufacturing for all kinds of applications and products including medical device and power, power tools, garden tools, electric vehicle, electric bikes, lightings, home appliances and power storage.

Lifepo4 battery
Solar Devices
Li ion battery
Electric Ship
Lithium ion battery
Street Lamp
E-bike battery
Medical Equipment
Rechargeable battery
Golf Cart
Lifepo4 battery
Li ion battery
Electro-car Battery Module
Lithium ion battery
Electric Wheelchair
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